POST: Who Needs Reality TV When You Have the National Health Care Debate?

September 4, 2009

I have never been a fan of reality TV – although I have friends and, ahem, a Mother who loves it. The truth is, millions of people tune in every day to watch shows like Top Chef, Next Top Model, and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

But, who needs Rock of Love these shows when you have the national health care debate? Sure, I have been recently pretty disgusted by the nature of town hall meetings and the perversity of the lengths to which anti-health care astroturfers have gone. But the truth is, the drama wasn’t YET at a level to rival Flavor of Love, rapper Flavor Flav‘s search for true love (i.e. something that resembles a women in a slutty Halloween costume gone bad)…

That is, until yesterday. At a town hall meeting yesterday in Ventura County (embarrassingly, the county just to the North of my home county of Los Angeles), two attendees started a brawl that ended in one getting his pinky finger bitten off. The bite-ee decided not to have the finger sewn back on (war wound ensues) and the biter has not yet been found.

I think at the next town hall, two attendees should have a fight in a kiddy pool of pudding. At least then chocolate will be involved.


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