NEWS: Morning International News Roundup

September 17, 2009


Since I do these international news roundups everyday, why not post them here as well? Look for them every morning between 9-11AM. Top stories below.

North Korea

U.S. expected to decide soon on direct talks with N.K.: Seoul minister [Yonhap]


China in huge Venezuela oil deal [BBC]
Four sentenced over syringe attack in Urumqi
Chinese president to attend UN general debate for first time
China anniversary puts security jitters on show


Police: Terrorism mastermind Noordin Top dead [AP]


Afghan president defends vote, admits some bias [AP]
Obama Delays Afghanistan Troop Decision as Criticism Deepens
NYT Coverage Obama Says He Won’t Rush Troop Decision


Biden: too soon to say if more troops needed in Afghanistan; says U.S. can handle Iran threat [CNN]
Intelligence Agencies Say No New Nukes in Iran


Turkey seeks to ease tensions between Iraq, Syria [CNN]


White House to Scrap Bush’s Approach to Missile Shield [NYT]
Commentary from Reuters Shelved missile shield tests NATO unity
Russia’s Reaction from RIA Novosti Russia welcomes U.S. move to scrap missile plans for Europe
France to close migrant ‘jungle’


African Union Base in Somalia Is Hit [NYT]


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