News: Morning International News Roundup

September 30, 2009

North Korea
N. Korea condemns U.N. resolution on non-proliferation
UNDP resumes aid projects in N. Korea
KCNA: “Event on Restart of UNDP Aid to DPRK Held”

“An event on the restart of UNDP aid to the DPRK was held at the mission of the UNDP here on Wednesday. Attending it were officials concerned, members of the visiting UNDP delegation and staff members of the UNDP mission here. Present there on invitation were diplomatic envoys of various countries and representatives of international organizations here.”

N. Korea awards honor to Egyptian mobile investor [Yonhap]
KCNA: “Egyptian Figure Honored with DPRK Order”

Fresh South Korea nuclear proposal “ridiculous”: North [Reuters]
KCNA: “Dismisses S. Korean Chief Executive’s “Proposal” as Rubbish”

“The nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula should be settled between the DPRK and the U.S. from every aspect as it is a product of the latter’s hostile policy toward the former.”

KCNA: “DPRK’s Will to Strive for Building Nuclear-free World Reiterated”
“As a matter of fact, the summit should have called into question and dealt with the U.S. nuclear threat and the reality in which peace and stability are being seriously disturbed in different regions due to the above-said threat.”

Pacific Islands
Major earthquake jolts Indonesia, at least 21 dead
At least 111 dead as tsunami hits Samoan islands

China clears central Beijing for anniversary party
China, U.S. risk rifts in Middle East: former Chinese envoy

West goes to Iran talks _ and readies sanctions
Iran broke law by not declaring atom site: ElBaradei

Israel to free prisoners for videotape of soldier

Honduran police evict Zelaya supporters in crackdown


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