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LINK: “Migrants help the countries they leave and those to which they move”

October 22, 2009

TheEconomist Migrants help the countries they leave and those to which they move. New videographic on YouTube #migration


NEWS: Morning Int’l News Roundup 10.22.09

October 22, 2009

Even more going on this morning —

East Asia

US defense secretary says NKorea still a threat [AP]

Two Koreas held secret talks for summit: report [Reuters]

U.S. pressures Japan on military package [WP]

China cracks down on Chongqing’s gangsters [CNN]

Middle East

Iranian officials accept draft deal on uranium transfer [WP]

Draft nuclear deal is a victory for Iran [Haaretz]

Senior Iran MP casts doubt on atom fuel deal [Reuters]

South/SE Asia

India: Climate deal can’t sacrifice poor nations [AP]

US Burma trip begins long process [BBC]


Now, a Cheney surge: Blasts Obama for Afghan ‘dithering,’ delays and indecision [LAT]

NATO chief demands greater efforts in Afghanistan [Reuters]

Election officials deliver Afghan runoff ballots [WP]


Pirates hijack cargo ship near Seychelles [CNN]

China mulls military options over hijacked ship [Reuters]


EU to sanction Guinea junta over opposition massacre [Deutsche Welle]

Karadzic plans to boycott trial [BBC]

The Other Tug Of War With Russia: Viktor Bout [TIME]

Postal workers promise fresh misery with new three-day strike [WSJ]

Americas/Domestic Incl.

Pay Czar to Slash Compensation at Seven Firms [WSJ]

More die amid Rio slum violence [BBC]

Fuel Oil Is Spilled Into Gulf of Mexico [NYT]

Polls: Chavez’s popularity slips in Venezuela [WP]