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Daily International News 11.06.09

November 6, 2009

North Korea

Bosworth says he will visit Pyongyang by year-end [Yonhap]
“He added that the U.S. government would make a decision “soon,” suggesting that he could visit Pyongyang “within a few weeks.”

U.S. still mulling bilateral high-level talks with N. Korea: White House [Yonhap]
“The remarks come a day after Stephen Bosworth, U.S. special representative for North Korea policy, said Thursday that he expects the U.S. government will “soon” make a decision on his trip to Pyongyang, possibly “within a few weeks.”

US slaps tariffs on Chinese steel imports [SMH]
“The US imposed duties of as much as 99 per cent on steel pipes from China after American producers led by US Steel Corp. complained they were being dumped at below-market prices. China’s government protested.”



Burmese army targets India rebels [BBC]
“They said Indian troops have fanned out in the hills opposite this base in Sagaing to arrest any rebels who may try to flee into Indian territory.”


Middle East

Israel keen on Abbas staying in office: reports [AFP]
“A senior Israeli official told AFP that hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees Abbas “as a partner for peace.”
“We would like to start negotiations as soon as possible with the moderate Palestinian leadership,” he said, requesting anonymity.”

Saudi: Airstrikes near Yemen targeted infiltrators [AP]



Gordon Brown threatens to end Afghan mission unless corruption is tackled [UK]
“In a clear policy shift, the Prime Minister cautioned President Karzai that unless he quashes endemic corruption he will have “forfeited” his right to international support.”



Zelaya: US-brokered pact for Honduran crisis fails [AP]
“”The accord is dead,” Zelaya told Radio Globo from the Brazilian Embassy where he has been holed up under threat of arrest. “There is no sense in deceiving Hondurans.”
SNAP ANALYSIS: Honduras pact collapse puts election at risk