Daily International News 11.17.09

November 17, 2009

Daily International News

Source: New York Times; Obama shakes hands with students at a Town Hall meeting in Shanghai. He addressed both mutual interests as well as the importance of personal freedoms.



Obama, Japanese premier at odds over air station negotiations [WP]

N. Korea sends military delegation to China during Obama visit [Yonhap] N. Korea extends olive branch to South ahead of Obama’s visit [Yonhap] – see corresponding KCNA articles below

Somali pirates hijack ship with 28 North Koreans aboard [Yonhap]

South Korea targets carbon cuts [BBC]


Chinese mainland and Taiwan sign banking supervision, management memorandum [Xinhua]

Mao and Chiang heirs bridge gap [BBC]


Obama, Hu vow cooperation but produce few deals [AP]

Op-ed on “Chimerica” The Great Wallop [NYT]


Afghanistan sets up anti-graft unit [Al-Jazeera]

NATO chief confident of big troop increase [Reuters]

Middle East

EU rejects Palestinian state plan [Al-Jazeera]

IAEA wants more explanation from Iran [ILNA]

Inspectors Fear Iran Is Hiding Nuclear Plants [WP]


Brazil begins “spy” aircraft surveillance against organized crime in favelas [MercoPress]

U.S. to attend conference held by war crimes court [WP]


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