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Daily International News 11.24.09

November 24, 2009

Daily International News
November 24, 2009

Singh in Washington
Obama hosts Indian prime minister
President Barack Obama hosts Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (MAHN’-moh-hahn SING) at the White House on Tuesday, the first state visit of his presidency

Obama Says He Intends to ‘Finish the Job’ in Afghanistan [NYT]
President Obama
said on Tuesday that he will announce his decision on how many more troops to send to Afghanistan next week

Russian Federation Council
, Singaporean Foreign Ministry, and Chinese Minister of National Defense visiting DPRK [KCNA]
Top military officials of North Korea and China pledged to further strengthen their countries’ alliance that was “sealed in blood” during the Korean War, Pyongyang’s media said Monday

China executes 2 for role in tainted milk scandal
China executed a dairy farmer and a milk salesman Tuesday

Philippines declares emergency after 46 killed
The Philippine president placed two southern provinces under emergency rule Tuesday as security forces unearthed more bodies, pushing the death toll to 46 in some of the deadliest election violence in the nation’s history.

Indian probe blames mosque attack on Hindu leaders
An Indian government investigation…into the 1992 demolition of a mosque…reportedly accused top Hindu nationalist politicians of complicity in the attack

India Officials Angered by Leak of Attack Report [NYT]
The leaking of a long-awaited confidential report on one of the most divisive attacks in modern Indian history raised a furor in India’s Parliament on Monday

Middle East
Iran says needs guarantees to ship nuclear fuel
could consider sending its low-enriched uranium abroad, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday

Netanyahu says Hamas prisoner deal may not happen [Reuters]
“There is still no deal, and I do not know if there will be one,” Netanyahu said

Iraq national vote unlikely in January [Reuters]
Iraq will be unable to hold a national election in January as planned, a poll official said on Tuesday, heaping more uncertainty on a vote meant to cement democracy and pave the way for a partial U.S. troop withdrawal

Chilcot Iraq Inquiry: secret talks on ousting Saddam Hussein began in 2001
[Times UK]
British and American officials secretly discussed overthrowing Saddam Hussein two years before the invasion of Iraq, the public inquiry into the war was told today.