Daily International News 12.01.09

December 1, 2009

Happy December to everyone out there who happens upon this page! Remember, the holidays are just around the corner, so put your nose to the grindstone and you’ll be on vacation sooner than you think!

Daily International News
December 1, 2009

East Asia
Suspect in Philippine massacre charged with murder
“The heir of a powerful clan was charged Tuesday in connection with the Philippines’ worst political massacre.”

South Korea knocks down rumor North leader dead [Reuters]
“South Korea’s Unification Ministry dismissed rumors Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il had been attacked and killed, which prompted financial markets to slide briefly in what one analyst said was a reflection of fragile sentiment.”

N. Korea revalues currency for first time in 17 yrs: sources [Yonhap]
“North Korea has sharply raised the value of its currency, its first monetary reform in 17 years, in an apparent bid to tackle inflation and curb black market trading.”

China launches ad campaign to salvage global image [Reuters]
“The 30-second ads, played initially on CNN, show images of MP3 players printed with “Made in China with software from Silicon Valley.”

South Asia
India tightens security at nuclear facilities
“The security move comes within weeks of intelligence warnings that militants looking for targets may have carried out reconnaissance of some of the nuclear facilities.”

AfPak Strategy – Varied Coverage

Obama Issues Order for More Troops in Afghanistan [NYT]
“Obama issued orders to send about 30,000 additional American troops to Afghanistan as he prepared to address the nation Tuesday night to explain what may be one of the most defining decisions of his presidency.”

34,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan [WP]
“The president also plans to ask NATO and other partners in an international coalition to contribute 5,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.”

Obama, Karzai hold videoconference, talk strategy [AP]
“The call was one of several Obama was making to world leaders, including Asif Ali Zardari [and] Danish PM Lars Loekke Rasmussen.”

Middle East
Israel warns EU over east Jerusalem dispute
“Israel sternly warned the European Union on Tuesday against recognizing east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, saying such a move would damage Europe’s credibility as a Mideast mediator.”

>>Israeli settlers block government inspectors [Reuters]

Iran issues warning over UK yacht crew [BBC]
“An Iranian official has said “serious” measures will be taken against a UK yacht crew if it is proved they had “evil intentions”.”

EU Lisbon Treaty comes into force [BBC]
“Lisbon has come into force about eight years after the EU started negotiations on the institutional reforms.”

UN slams ‘discriminatory’ Swiss minaret ban [AP]
“U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay said Sunday’s referendum to outlaw the construction of minarets in Switzerland was the product of “anti-foreigner scare-mongering.”

The new Iceland? Greece fights to rein in debt [Guardian]
“This is without doubt the worst economic crisis since the restoration of democracy [in 1974], said PM George Papandreou.”

Congo-Kinshasa:  Security Council Renews Arms Embargo And Sanctions
“Council members voted unanimously to adopt a resolution continuing the regime of sanctions, which consists of an arms embargo against all armed groups that are not part of either the Government’s integrated army (known as the FARDC) or police units, through 30 November next year.”

S. Africa to treat all HIV-positive babies [WP]
“South Africa will treat all HIV-positive babies and expand testing, the president announced Tuesday, a dramatic and eagerly awaited shift in a country that has more people living with HIV than any other.”

Several nations acknowledge Lobo’s victory in Honduras
[Miami Herald]
“And Colombia, Panama and Peru recognized his victory, as did Costa Rica.”

International – IAEA
Japan’s Amano takes helm of UN atomic watchdog
“Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano took the helm on Tuesday of the UN atomic watchdog, pledging a steady hand to steer the agency through the storm surrounding Iran’s nuclear drive.”

Iran says to protest over IAEA nuclear resolution [Reuters]
Iran said on Tuesday it intended to take unspecified legal action over an IAEA rebuke of its nuclear activities and would provide Iranians with enough gasoline in order to trump any further U.N. sanctions.”

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