Daily International News 12.03.09

December 3, 2009

Daily International News
December 3, 2009

Afghans and Pakistanis Concerned Over U.S. Plan
“In Afghanistan…the announcement that American troops could begin leaving in 18 months…caused anxiety. In Pakistan, Mr. Obama’s declaration fed longstanding fears that America would abruptly withdraw.”

Assessing the Afghan Surge [CFR]
Assessments by five CFR staff on the Afghan strategy.

Italy ‘to send 1,000 extra troops’ to Afghanistan [BBC]
“In an interview published on Thursday, Italy’s Defence Minister, Ignazio La Russa, confirmed reports that Rome would send about 1,000 extra soldiers to the country.”

Middle East
Iraqi VP to rule on election law
[Al Jazeera]
“Tariq al-Hashemi, an Iraqi vice-president and member of the presidential council, is expected to announce whether he will accept or veto an amended version of the country’s election law.”

Settlers reject Netanyahu plea to reduce tensions [WP]
“In the West Bank, Jewish settlers blocked inspectors from entering a settlement to search for unauthorized construction, the third straight day of such confrontations.”

Iran to review ties with countries over IAEA vote [Reuters]
“The resolution passed by a 25-3 margin with six abstentions, smoothed by rare backing from Russia and China, which have blocked global attempts to isolate Iran, a trade partner for both, in the past.”

Suicide bomber kills three Somali government ministers
“A suicide bomber killed at least 19 people including three Somali government ministers on Thursday at a graduation ceremony in a Mogadishu hotel.”

Gambari to head Darfur UN mission [BBC]
“Mr Gambari is a former Nigerian foreign minister who is currently serving as UN special envoy to Burma.”

Putin: Will consider running for president in 2012
“”Don’t hold your breath,” Putin told another person who asked whether he was planning to leave politics.”

EU sets up trio of financial watchdogs [Financial Times]
“The creation of the three watchdogs – to be based in Paris, London and Frankfurt and to cover securities, banking and insurance markets respectively – is a significant step towards more centralised, pan-European oversight of the sector and is likely to be viewed warily in the City.”

Honduras overwhelmingly votes against reinstatement of Zelaya
“Honduras’ Congress overwhelmingly voted Wednesday against the reinstatement of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, a move that closes the door on his return to power after he was toppled in a June coup.”

Bernanke May Defend Fed Powers in Senate Hearing
“A majority of the banking panel’s members who will grill Bernanke today say they are likely to back the 55-year-old former Princeton University economist for a second term.”

Obama Confronts Job-Growth Limits at Employment Forum [Bloomberg]
“President Barack Obama will show the limits of his ability to attack unemployment as he hosts a job- creation summit at the White House today.” [Is the jobs summit just a photo op? [Salon]]


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