What’s in a Name? Coolest Political Names

December 4, 2009

In lieu of today’s Daily International News, which I didn’t get around to doing in the morning and seems moot now, I’m starting my “People in the World with the Coolest Names.” Let me stress that these people themselves might not be cool and that the list is made irrespective of it I love, or absolutely abhor, their policies. Let’s begin with…

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Danish politician, current Secretary-General of NATO. Mr. Rasmussen loves lowering taxes, long bike rides (it’s true!), granting the right for homosexuals to marry in religious ceremonies, and the Iraq War.

James Mountain Inhofe, American politician, current senior senator from Oklahoma. Mr. Inhofe loves Israel, quoting the Bible as political capital, bashing the climate change as “a hoax,” and reminding people that his family tree is free of homosexuals. Cool name…not cool idea. Get the idea?

If you have more suggestions or votes, comment or email me.


One comment

  1. Barack Hussein Obama II

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