Daily International News 12.09.09

December 9, 2009

Daily International News
December 9, 2009

Copenhagen’s political science
Op-ed by Sarah Palin – “The agenda-driven policies being pushed in Copenhagen won’t change the weather, but they would change our economy for the worse.”

Climate Conference Begins to Feel Pressure of the Clock [NYT]
“Two proposals popped loudly on Tuesday: a Danish text, seen by many observers to be mainly accommodating the interests of the United States and other industrialized powers; and one drafted by China and endorsed by a variety of developing countries. Both were criticized by the opposing camps.”

Japan to Give U.S. a Plan on Air Base
“Japan’s prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, said Wednesday that he wants to present concrete proposals [on Futenma] to President Obama next week… Mr. Hatoyama said he may seek a meeting with Mr. Obama during the climate change conference in Copenhagen to relay the proposals directly to him.”

Lock-down as high-level talks start on N. Korea
“A U.S. State Department official said Bosworth would not carry any new proposals or new initiatives on his visit.”

US assures NKorea of ‘robust’ direct talks channel [AP]
“U.S. officials say a peace treaty is not on the agenda for Bosworth’s trip to the North. However, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Tuesday that it “would not surprise us” if the North raised other issues.”

China moves to indict top dissident for subversion
“Police have finally presented a case against prominent dissident Liu Xiaobo, who has been jailed for a year without charge after helping produce a high-profile manifesto calling for sweeping democratic reforms in China.”

Myanmar junta calls detained Suu Kyi “dishonest”
“Suu Kyi, who is held under house arrest, had tried to harm the government’s image and her behaviour had been “highly questionable,” said a commentary carried in three state-run newspapers, which serve as mouthpieces for the reclusive regime.”

5 Americans detained in Pakistan; no reason given
“A U.S. Embassy spokesman said officials there were aware of the reported arrests, but had no more information.”

Afghanistan will need U.S. help for 15 to 20 years, Karzai says [LAT]
“Gates did not take issue with Karzai’s timeline, but he said he hoped that the Afghan military could be ready sooner. Gates emphasized that a U.S. withdrawal would begin in 2011, as outlined by President Obama in his order last week to deploy an additional 30,000 troops. But Gates said the drawdown would be a process lasting several years as Afghan forces took responsibility.”

Two Top Aides Show Unity on Afghan Strategy [NYT]
“[McChrystal] He was joined by Karl W. Eikenberry, the United States ambassador to Afghanistan, who was much more skeptical during the plan’s formulation, and who conceded Tuesday that success could not be guaranteed.”

Violent protests shut down high-tech Indian city [WP]
“Violent protests by students for a separate state to be carved out of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh shut down the main city of Hyderabad on Wednesday.”

‘Amnesty helped Zardari make billions’ [Times of India]
“The documents provided by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) showed that Zardari had been accused of illegally amassing assets worth USD 1.5 billion and Rs 22 billion, mainly during the period when his slain wife Benazir Bhutto was the Premier in the 1990s.”

Middle East
Israel gives initial OK to Jerusalem referendum
“Israel’s parliament has given preliminary approval to a piece of legislation that would require a national referendum on any peace deal that gives up control of east Jerusalem or the Golan Heights. If approved, the law could constrain the ability of any future Israeli government to turn over captured land as part of a peace deal.”

Iran says will show no mercy to opposition protesters [WP]
“From now on, we will show no mercy toward anyone who acts against national security. They will be confronted firmly,” said prosecutor Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei.”

UK slaps tax on bankers’ bonuses ahead of election
“The British government slapped a one-time tax of 50 percent on fat bank bonuses as it tried to win over voters ahead of a looming general election.”

Darling raises National Insurance in pre-Budget report [BBC]
“National Insurance will go up by a further 0.5p from 2011 and public sector workers face a 1% pay cap, Alistair Darling has announced.”

Ireland’s abortion law challenged in European court [BBC]
“The legal action has been brought by three Irish women who say the effective ban on abortion in Ireland violates the European Convention on Human Rights…The case is the first challenge to Ireland’s abortion laws in more than 15 years.”

Terror charges for man in Germany over US targets [WP]
“The 24-year-old, identified only as Kadir T. in line with German privacy laws, was charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organization and violating export laws, federal prosecutors said.”

Honduran Anti-Drug Chief Is Killed
“The victim is retired Gen. Julian Aristides Gonzalez, the general director of the Office for Combatting Drug Trafficking.”

Peru army plans arms purchase, tests Chinese tanks [AP]
“The Lima newspaper La Republica reported that it plans to buy 80 to 120 tanks and has evaluated Chinese, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish models….Peru President Alan Garcia has pushed for a disarmament pact in South America as weapons purchases in Venezuela, Brazil and Chile and a U.S. military expansion in Colombia fuels a budding arms race.”

Democrats reach deal on health bill
“Senate Democratic healthcare negotiators said they agreed on Tuesday to replace a government-run insurance option with a scaled-back non-profit plan and would seek cost estimates on the deal.”

A Jobs Speech with Elbows [Time]
Op-ed on Obama jobs speech – “The President gave a terrific economic speech today, proposing some new jobs-creating initiatives.”

Coakley, Brown to Battle in Massachusetts U.S. Senate Election [Bloomberg]
“The winner between Coakley, 56, and Brown, 50, in a Jan. 19 special election will serve the rest of Kennedy’s term, ending in January 2013.”


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