Daily International News 12.21.09 (and some from the weekend)

December 21, 2009

Daily International News
December 21, 2009

Yours truly in front of the White House during Saturday's snow 'storm'!


Arms Seized by Thailand Were Iran-Bound
North Korea Threatens to Fire Into Disputed Waters

(Other) Asia
Nepal Crippled as Strike Enters Second Day
Court to Hear Suu Kyi’s Appeal
Tribunal charges Khmer Rouge “First Lady” with genocide

Some Afghan Lawmakers Criticize Karzai’s Cabinet Picks

Iran cleric’s funeral turns to opposition protest [AP]
Iran nuclear negotiator calls for atomic arms ban
From 12/20 – Iran-Iraq Standoff Over Oil Field Ends [NYT]

(Other) Middle East
Israel close to deciding on prisoner swap
From 12/20 – Israel threatens to use force against settlers [AP]
From 12/20 –Lebanon PM Hariri meets Syrian leader Assad [BBC]

Polish Police Find Auschwitz Sign

US envoy visits Zelaya at Brazilian embassy
Colombia to Build Military Bases on Venezuela Border

Health Bill Passes Key Test in the Senate With 60 Votes
A dozen Gitmo detainees sent to 3 countries
From 12/19 – U.S. holds 3 in alleged narcoterrorism case [WP]


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