Daily International News 01.19.10

January 19, 2010

Just FYI, Xinhua has launched a new English language version of their website and it is pretty awesome.

Daily International News
January 19, 2010

01.18 Security fears mount in lawless post-earthquake Haiti [WaPo]
01.18 Homeless Haitians Told Not to Flee to U.S. [NYT]
01.18 It’s Blame America Time Again [WSJ]

Japan-U.S. alliance “indispensable” for Asia-Pacific region: Hatoyama
JAL files for bankruptcy in record failure
[Japan Times]

China says Google ‘no exception’ to law [Xinhua]
Google postpones phone launch in China
01.18 Google Investigating If China Staff Involved in Cyber Attack [WSJ]
China calls for further talks on Iran nuclear issue [Xinhua]
Xinjiang to continue lifting communication restrictions: spokesperson
[China Daily/Xinhua]
China safeguards int’l interests in opposing Japan’s atoll bid: FM

Southeast Asia
Burma’s Supreme Court hears final Suu Kyi appeal

01.18 After Hearing in Pakistan, 5 Americans Allege Torture [NYT]
Reconciliation with Taliban Unlikely: Gates

Middle East
US Blackwater lawsuit signatures sought by Iraq
01.18 EU and Iraq sign energy agreement [DW]
01.18 Iran mulls downgrading ties with UK [Al Jazeera]

Guinea: Parties Agree on Unity Govt, Elections

Cadbury Accepts Fresh Kraft Offer
Senate election in Massachusetts could be harbinger for health-care reform


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