Daily International News 01.26.10

January 26, 2010

Daily International News
January 26, 2010

Report says NKorea may be preparing missile launch
Seoul’s nuclear envoy hints at early start of talks on peace treaty with N. Korea
N. Korea proposes inter-Korean event for June 15 Declaration

Taiwan – Mainland, Taiwan experts conclude first talks on economic pact with common understandings [Xinhua]
HHDL – China, Dalai Lama envoys to meet after stalemate [AP]
Uyghurs – CORRECTED-China sentences four more to death for Urumqi riot [Reuters]
Google.cn – Google case ‘will not derail ties’
China says to handle petitioners more “kindly”
China renames ‘Avatar’ mountain in honour of film
Hong Kong lawmakers quit in push for democracy

Southeast Asia
Out of war’s shadow, Sri Lankans vote for president

Middle East
Iraq crime lab car bomber kills many in Baghdad
Iran to inaugurate missile projects in February
Pilot in Beirut crash didn’t follow tower’s advice

UK government lawyer said Iraq war was illegal
[Reuters] and Lawyer’s memo contradicts Jack Straw’s evidence to Chilcot inquiry [Times]
British, Irish hold talks to save NIreland govt
[AP] and Hillary Clinton may step in to break Ulster impasse on policing [Times]
Britain exits longest recession on record – just

German ambassador to Iceland found dead in car
French report wants limits on Muslim face veil

World Leaders Plan Haiti Funding Effort

Obama to Call for Three-Year Freeze on Some Federal Spending
Tea Party Disputes Take Toll on Convention

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