Daily International News 03.01.10

March 1, 2010

Daily International News
March 1, 2010

New Scrutiny on Censorship Issues for U.S. Companies in China
11th Panchen Lama becomes member of China’s top advisory body

Toyota boss Akio Toyoda apologises in China
Popular Japan lawmaker eyes new party to fight PM

Central Asia
Tajikistan elections criticised by poll watchdog

IAEA chief: Can’t confirm Iran nuke work peaceful
Iran releases 6 journalists, opposition activists

(Other) Middle East
Dubai: Israelis will be denied UAE entry
Palestinian Cabinet stakes claim amid shrine furor
Yemen raid kills southern activist, family

Kremlin wants resignations after Olympic pride dented
Russia-Georgia border crossing reopens

Western Europe
Spain: Basque ETA chief arrested
Storms rip through Europe, kill up to 50 in France

Somali Islamists ban UN food from rebel-held areas

Aftershocks Shake Chile as Troops Seek to Keep Order
Chile troops, police attack post-quake looting

(Other) Americas
Colombian president can’t run for third term, high court rules
Clinton to meet with Uruguay’s incoming president


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