Daily International News 03.04.10

March 4, 2010

Lots of news today…enjoy!
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Daily International News
March 4, 2010

North Korea
N. Korea spurns S. Korean demand to resolve nuclear issue together
NKorean executed for sneaking news out: report
NKorea pressures SKorea to restart joint tours

Japan Offers New Plan in Okinawa Dispute

Strong earthquake hits Taiwan; 64 people injured
China Says It Is Slowing Down Military Spending
[NYT] and China’s defense budget to grow 7.5% in 2010: spokesman [Xinhua]

SE Asia
Thailand denies visa to Dalai Lama’s sister

Iran Sanctions
China backs diplomacy, not sanctions, on Iran
Iran threatens to withdraw nuclear offer
Brazil, U.S. at odds over Iran
New Hurdle to Iran Sanctions

Other Middle East
17 killed in Baghdad blasts targeting voters
Yemen: Police arrest suspected al-Qaida members

U.S. Redraws Afghan Command
UN envoy says it’s ‘time to talk’ to the Taliban

Reasons for Knox guilty verdict released in Italy
German court jails Islamists for foiled U.S. attacks
Dutch anti-Islamists makes key gains in local elections

UK says no early end to Zimbabwe sanctions
UN plans to end DR Congo peacekeeping mission
Voters flock to Togo poll in test of democracy

Chile wants loans, scours for quake survivors
Haitian family survives 2 big quakes in 2 months
Chavez denies links with Spain’s ETA, FARC rebels

Obama calls for reconciliation to prevent filibuster on health-care reform
Turkey, on Edge, Watches U.S. Vote on Armenia

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