Daily International News 03.08.10

March 8, 2010

Daily International News
March 8, 2010

North Korea
NKorea says ready to ‘blow up’ SKorea, US
N. Korea puts forces on combat alert as U.S., S. Korea begin drill

U.S. Reaches Out to Tokyo’s Real Power
Japan defends dolphin hunt in Oscar-winning ‘Cove’

China cautions against expecting fast yuan rise
FM rejects accusations of China’s “tough stance”, calls for objective views on China
Xinjiang official stresses fighting separatism, says 198 sentenced for deadly riot
Heavy security is the new normal in China’s Tibet

SE Asia
Burma military passes key election laws

In Iraq, a day of votes, violence
Iraqi PM’s coalition seen leading vote
Sunnis Go to Polls, This Time, to Retain a Voice

(Other) Middle East
Iran launches short-range cruise missile production line
[Tehran Times]
Strong earthquake slams eastern Turkey, kills 51
Israel OKs new settlement work despite slowdown
Biden in Israel after pledging U.S. support on Iran
Palestinians: indirect talks last chance for peace

Central/South Asia
Afghan leader to host peace conference in spring
Gates meeting with military, political leaders
Qaeda Operative Arrested in Pakistan

Iceland Voters Reject Repayment Plan
Civil servants in 48-hour redundancy pay strike
EU’s foreign policy chief seeks to spell out agenda

Nigeria: Jos – Another Massacre
Guinea sets June 27 presidential election date
Dictator’s son declared winner in Togo election

US troops withdrawing en masse from Haiti
Chileans didn’t get warning of arriving tsunami
[Miami Herald]
Ex-Honduran leader to pen book about 2009 coup

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