Daily International News 03.19.10

March 19, 2010

Daily International News
March 19, 2010

East Asia
Top Chinese, ROK diplomats exchange views on Korean Peninsula nuclear issue
Cambodian bans women from marrying South Koreans
Rio Tinto signs mining deal with China’s Chinalco
Ridiculous logic of politicizing Chinese yuan exchange rate

South Asia
Pakistan arrests halt secret UN contacts with Taliban
India wants to question U.S. man on Mumbai attack

Middle East Peace Process
Clinton Calls Israel’s Moves to Ease Tension ‘Useful’
Diplomats urge resumption of Mideast talks
U.S. to send envoy back to Mideast as Israel moves to smooth relations
Opinion: Needed: a peaceful anti-Netanyahu uprising [Times of London]

Middle East
Powell Says New Sanctions on Iran Won’t Stop Nuclear Program
Iran’s Opposition Seeks More Help in Cyberwar With Government
Iran jails former vice president, reform activist
Yemen declares end to war with Shi’ite rebels

Clinton to Meet Putin After Urging Iran Plant Delay
Clinton says agreement with Russia near on nukes
Dutch fuming at retired US general’s gays comment
Bomb damages right wing-group’s Athens office

Nigeria: Ghaddafi – Govt Recalls Ambassador From Libya

Raids Aim to Find Killers of 3 in Mexico

Obama cancellation accepted by Australia and Indonesia
Senators announce framework for bipartisan immigration bill
Retired general links gays in military, Bosnian massacre

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