Daily International News 03.22.10

March 22, 2010

And see my twitter feed @lmcgaughy for live quotes from AIPAC Policy Conference events.

Daily International News
March 22, 2010

East Asia
NKorea to try American for illegal entry
Google set to announce China site closure
Rio Tinto Employees Say They Took Bribes in China

Tensions rise as Israeli soldiers kill 2 Palestinians
US urges restraint from Israel, Palestinians
Israeli prime minister in Washington for talks
Clinton: Israeli building hurts peace

(Other) Middle East
EU slams Iran’s jamming of satellite signals as ‘unacceptable’
Iran detains grandson of powerful cleric
Egypt frees Israeli journalist arrested at border
Poll body rejects Iraq recount call

Central Asia
Karzai meets envoys of Taliban-linked group

Tanzania, Zambia bid for one-off ivory sales fail [AP]
Darfur donor conference falls short of expectations

UK Supreme Court considers prenuptial agreements
German diocese say 6 accused over abuse
French President Sarkozy ‘to reshuffle’ after poll

Mexican Traffickers Sow Chaos With Blockades

House approves huge changes to student loan program


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