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Daily International News 04.07.10

April 7, 2010

Daily International News
April 7, 2010

North Korea sentences U.S. man to 8 years hard labour
N.K. to return to nuclear talks but progress unlikely: former U.S. envoy

Geithner to Meet With the Chinese Vice Premier
China hints at yuan rise
China set for renminbi policy shift
Crusading Chinese lawyer gives up activism

Central Asia
Top Afghan Election Officials Resign
Police kill at least 4 protesters in Kyrgyzstan’s capital

Southeast Asia
Thai PM declares state of emergency in Bangkok
Giant lizard species discovered in the Philippines

Middle East
Iran ridicules Obama’s “cowboy” nuclear strategy

South Sudan president accuses north of oil grab
Egypt riot police break up pro-democracy rally
SAfrican ANC: No singing of ‘polarizing’ songs

Eurozone growth lowered to zero
Putin Commemorates WWII Massacre
Spain: judge indicted for probing Civil War

Reports: US OKs radical US-born cleric for death
Guantanamo war court resumes hearings amid uncertainty