Daily International News 04.28.10

April 28, 2010

Daily International News
April 28, 2010

Northeast Asia
Hatoyama to visit Okinawa on May 4 to discuss Futemma
China shows global leadership by lifting entry ban on HIV carriers: UNAIDS
US, Europe press China to drop tech security rule
Man stabs 15 students, 1 teacher in south China

Southeast/South Asia
Thai authorities, protesters clash; 1 soldier dies
Indian diplomat accused of spying for Pakistan

Middle East
Israel’s Ayalon sees talks restart within two weeks
No fines now for Palestinian settlement workers
Former PM urges interim government in Iraq

Unpaid Somali soldiers desert to insurgency
Southern Sudan opposition leader contests poll result
Niger – UN warning over total crop failure

Conservatives, Labour Gain in Poll Showing Hung Parliament
In UK election gaffe, Brown calls voter ‘bigoted’
Stocks slump as Greece debt downgraded to junk
Austria probe links slaying to Chechen president
Russia publishes Katyn massacre archives

Plea deal possible for Canadian at Guantanamo
Holder: U.S. May Fight Arizona Immigration Law
Chile Catholic church hit by abuse claims, bomb

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