Daily International News 05.04.10

May 4, 2010

Daily International News
May 4, 2010

East Asia
Japan’s prime minister says some of Marine base will stay on Okinawa
Japan PM abandons plan to move US base off Okinawa [AFP]
Secrecy shrouds NKorean leader’s rare China visit
N. Korea train for Kim leaves Dalian possibly for Beijing [Kyodo]
Thai protesters welcome PM’s offer, want details

Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan orders ousted leader’s extradition
From 05.03 U.S. to Send Trainers to Afghanistan as Stopgap [NYT]

Middle East
Netanyahu meets Mubarak ahead of new Mid-East talks
Israel mulls wider Palestinian control in West Bank
Palestinian Authority bans work in settlements [Reuters]
Iraq arrests network suspected in embassy bombings
Iran says plans new war games, photographed U.S. ship

Uganda’s highest ice cap splits on Mt Margherita

Spain takes in another ex-prisoner from Guantanamo
Ireland to reopen airspace after ash scare
Greece’s Costs Seen Exceeding EU-IMF Help
Newspaper support in UK general elections since 1945

U.S. Citizen From Pakistan Due in Court on New York Bomb Plot
U.S. Declares Size of Nuclear Arsenal
D.C. set to vote on legalizing marijuana, already a widely used drug
BP Gulf Oil Spill Reshaping Energy Debate in U.S. Congress
Schwarzenegger ends support for offshore drilling [AP]
Seafood prices may rocket due to Louisiana oil slick; ten day fishing ban in [MercoPress]
Stars Shine at Met Gala

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