Daily International News 05.07.10

May 7, 2010

Daily International News
May 7, 2010

Special: Kim Jong-Il in China
Top leaders of China, DPRK hold talks in Beijing
China’s embrace of North Korea’s Kim irks neighbours
Kim: DPRK sticks to denuclearization
Q+A: What is next for North Korea nuclear diplomacy?

East Asia
Island heads reject Hatoyama’s request to host U.S. base functions
Dalai Lama tells AP: Exiles must press China talks

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Australia burka armed robbery sparks ban debate
Malaysian sultan ‘held in hospital against his will’
Burma’s NLD democracy party dissolved

Central/South Asia
US urges Nepal Maoists to end strike
Indian soldiers clash with Kashmir rebels, 7 killed
Briton Vugar Khalilov ‘denied treatment’ in Kyrgyzstan

Middle East
Iran’s foreign minister hosts UN envoys in New York
Israel won’t move on U.N. call for nuclear-free zone
Iraq vote winner asserts right to form government

Election: Cameron makes offer to Lib Dems on government [BBC]
From 05.06 West Europeans target US nukes at treaty session [AP]
Russia declines to stop American adoptions
German parliamentary vote backs Greece bail-out funding

From 05.06 Giant box close to being over oil-spewing well [AP]
From 05.06 US adds 3 Mexican states to travel-warning list [AP]
From 05.06 Haiti prez to extend term if election not held [AP]

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