Daily International News 05.10.10

May 10, 2010

Daily International News
May 10, 2010

Northeast Asia
Hatoyama gives up on settling Futemma issue by May 31: sources
Traces of Explosive Found on Sunken S. Korean Ship
Presidential security aide says delay in OPCON transfer necessary
N. Korean World Cup team leaves Pyongyang

Southeast Asia/Pacific
US envoy warns Myanmar over North Korea arms links
Thai protesters refuse to leave, push new demands
Arroyo’s shadow over Philippines election

Karzai, Obama seek to mend caustic ties in visit
U.S.-Pakistan ties tested as evidence shows Taliban connection to Times Square bomb attempt
U.S. Urges Action in Pakistan After Failed Bombing

Middle East
Israeli plan for east Jerusalem clouds peace talks
Israel primed for war on Iran – Netanyahu deputy
At least 84 killed in attacks across Iraq
Kurds to protest over Iran executions

Judge acquits top aide to Zimbabwe prime minister
Somali rebel group vows to free pirate captives

Hung parliament: Clegg meetings with Brown and Cameron
Death toll in Russian mine blasts hits 32
EU Crafts $962 Billion Show of Force to Halt Crisis
Voters rebuke Merkel for Greek loan

Oil spill solutions uncertain, slick spreads west
UNASUR Agrees to Boost Defense Expenditure Transparency
Costa Rica inaugurates new President Chinchilla
[Miami Herald]

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