Daily International News 05.24.10

May 24, 2010

Daily International News
May 24, 2010

Cheonan/NK News
Japan to seek to punish N. Korea over sinking of S. Korean vessel
Clinton backs South Korea’s crackdown on North Korea over sinking of Cheonan warship
South Korea Cuts Trade With North, U.S. Supports
N. Korea threatens to fire at S. Korean propaganda equipment
Op-Ed Don’t let North Korea go unpunished for attack [Korea Times]
U.S. Presses China to Punish North Korea for Ship

Northeast Asia (non-NK related)
Japan Relents on U.S. Base on Okinawa
Korean tension a factor in Japan base decision
Clinton and Geithner Face Hurdles in China Talks
China holds door open a crack to U.S. on yuan

South/Southeast Asia
India PM: ‘Major effort’ in Indo-Pakistan talks
Pakistan court hears constitutional challenges
Opposition moves to impeach Thai PM; curfew stays [AP]

Middle East
Peres Ties Mideast Peace Deal to Iran
Israel to ease West Bank movement restrictions
Israel’s Peres denies offering South Africa nukes
Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai killing
Iran notifies IAEA over atomic deal
Lebanese PM to discuss Mideast tension with Obama
‘American couple kidnapped by tribesmen’ in Yemen

Ethiopia monitors to probe fraud claims in ‘calm poll’
Militants fire mortars at Somali president’s palace

Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson offers access to ex-husband for cash on video
Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine
Osborne announces £6.2bn cuts
US deploys missiles to Poland to train NATO ally

Jamaica declares emergency in capital after attacks
Driver shot on B-W Parkway in Md.
Despite Moratorium, Drilling Projects Move Ahead
BP executive defends his company’s response to Gulf oil spill
As Reform Takes Shape, Some Relief on Wall St.
Eric Massa and Suicidal Thoughts

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