Daily International News 05.26.10

May 26, 2010

Daily International News
May 26, 2010

US demands world response over Korea warship sinking
Clinton: World must act on SKorean ship sinking
NKorea threatens to ban cross-border traffic
China weighing evidence in SKorea ship sinking
Clinton offers China proof of ship attack

N. Korea expels S. Korean officials from joint factory park
Op-ed: It’s risky, but this time North Korea must pay [Times of London]
Op-ed: Korean tensions: China’s responsibility [Guardian]
Bolton Op-ed [from 05.25]: Iran and North Korea March On [WSJ]

East Asia [non-Cheonan]
Gov’t planning not to specify U.S. base relocation site this week
S&ED: Summit Shows Superpowers’ Shifting Dynamic
Taiwan iPhone-maker Foxconn opens doors after deaths
US senator to visit Myanmar [AP]

Middle East
Israel bombs Gaza in night raid wounding two seriously
Ahmadinejad urges Obama to accept nuke swap deal

Iran and Russia clash in worst row for years
Iraqi Airways to be closed following bankruptcy

Pakistan Taliban ‘attack eastern Afghan district’
Car bomb strikes outside Kandahar NATO base

Red Cross defends first aid courses for Taliban

Ethiopia opposition leaders call for new elections
Former dictator’s party ahead in Suriname election
Mozambique ‘most wanted’ man killed by Maputo police

UK gov’t reveals it has 225 nuclear warheads
Bomb kills three in southern Russia – report

Bishop: 100 cases in 10 yrs for Italy priest abuse
Polish leader’s mother told of son’s tragic death
Europe seeks new levy on banks to create crisis funds

Obama Sends Guard To The Border

44 reported dead in Jamaica police-gang clashes
Peru judge paroles New York woman who aided rebels

BP nears decision on ‘top kill’ procedure
Panel Suggests Signs of Trouble Before Rig Explosion
Obama’s Meeting With Republican Senators Called ’Very Tense’

Nikki Haley affair blogger has e-mails, texts
President Obama Picks Lakers Over Celtics in NBA Championship

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