Daily International News 06.18.10

June 18, 2010

Daily International News
June 18, 2010

U.S. envoy calls for strong message to North Korea on ship
N. Korean footballers suspected missing accounted for: FIFA official
SKorea’s new army chief vows to beef up readiness
S.Korea, India agree to launch nuclear energy talks
South Korea military alert over children’s balloons

Future of commercial whaling ban rests with Japan
Taiwan court extends detention for ex-leader
China says yuan exchange rate not up for discussion at G-20
Study Criticizes Swine-Flu Follow-Up
NZ lawmaker claims Chinese security attacked him

SE/Central Asia
Flooding, landslides kill nearly 60 in Myanmar
Sri Lanka president condemns critics in victory pageant
U.S. envoy urges probe into Kyrgyz killings
Interim leader: Up to 2,000 dead in Kyrgyz clashes
Refugees Begin Returning to Kyrgyzstan

Middle East
Iran calls U.N. sanctions “illegal and invalid”
U.S., Europe target Iran investment, trade
Turkey: May air raid killed 100 Kurdish rebels
Hamas, PA demand complete halt to closure
Sunni fighter’s killing is latest in attacks on former al-Qaeda insurgents
Iraqi interpreter for U.S. shot dead by son and nephew [Reuters]

Ethiopia supreme court rejects election appeal
Somali pirates get 5 years in prison
Court Grants Bail and Frees American Lawyer in Rwanda
UN: Zimbabweans top asylum seekers worldwide
S.Africa union delays power strike threat

President Sarkozy: Britain helped save our honour
[Times UK]
IMF says Spain taking right steps towards stability
EU leaders back Estonia’s bid to adopt euro
Finnish PM quits, makes way for party’s new leader

U.S. may strip-search Guantanamo suspect – judge
Secretary Clinton says DOJ will Challenge Arizona Immigration Law
Democrats lack consensus on climate bill
Loopholes Grow in Bill to Offset Ruling on Campaigns
BP’s U.S. Future Teeters After CEO, Lawmakers Clash
Texas Congressman’s Apology to BP Is Denounced by His Own Party
Pew: Muslims, Americans down on Obama’s foreign policy
Utah firing squad executes convicted killer
For the Lakers, victory has never been harder — or sweeter

Vigil for dozens trapped in Colombian coal mine
Brazil suspends retaliation in U.S. cotton row

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