Daily International News 06.22.10

June 22, 2010

Daily International News
June 22, 2010

Northeast Asia
US-Japan security pact turns 50, faces new strains
U.S. in consultations with China on N. Korea: U.S. ambassador in China
China says “concerned” about South Korea-U.S. drill
China seriously concerned over U.S. aircraft carrier reports: FM spokesman [Xinhua]
China’s more flexible yuan edges down vs. dollar
China says it has cracked ‘major’ terrorist ring
Joint military drill could come this month
[JoongAng IB]
UN action on Cheonan faces delay
[JoongAng IB]

South/Central Asia
Pakistan PM reverses stance on U.S. sanctions on Iran
Pakistan arrests ‘German militant’ disguised in a burka
Refugees return to shattered Kyrgyz city as vote looms
U.S. Said to Fund Afghan Warlords to Protect Convoys
NATO, Afghan forces capture senior Taliban figure

SE Asia/Pacific
Security tight in Bangkok for general’s funeral
Australia restores race discrimination act

Middle East
Defense chief criticizes Jerusalem demolition plan
Three dead in Iraq unrest
Four killed in Istanbul bus bomb attack

Diamond Find Could Aid Zimbabwe, and Mugabe

G20 leaders (mainly US and Europe) seem divided stimuli timing withdrawal
UK makes sharpest cuts in decades in new budget
Oil execs in London slam Obama’s drilling ban
Medvedev to tour Silicon Valley, seek investors
Belarus cuts Russia gas transit
Cyprus probes weapons on Sudan-bound ship
Komorowski: pullout from Afghanistan in 2012

Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House
Peter Orszag to bail next month; likely successors are inside
Wikileaks makes contact with US government
Gen. Stanley McChrystal coming to Washington to explain anti-administration comments
[WaPo] and White House summons top U.S. Afghanistan general [Reuters]
Dodd, Berman Reach Agreement on Iran Gasoline, Bank Sanctions
Times Square car bomber details his chilling plot
Obama uses powers to expand federal rights, benefits for gays and lesbians
BP boss retreats from spill as shares hit 13-year low
US Senate report says Haiti rebuilding has stalled


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