Daily International News 06.29.10

June 29, 2010

Daily International News
June 29, 2010

N. Korea warns of attack ahead of S. Korea-U.S. naval drill
North Korean leader’s son Kim Jong-un ‘in parliament’
NKorea: G-8 ‘evil’ for criticism over ship sinking
China fends off Obama pressure over North Korea
Seoul says UNSC measure similar to G-8 statement on North Korea would be acceptable

China to conduct live-fire sea drill this week
[AP] and China denies military exercise aimed at U.S. [Reuters]
Google in ‘new approach’ on China
Taiwan and China sign landmark trade agreement
Foxconn plans China plant amid suicide scrutiny

SE/Central Asia
Indonesia militant jailed over Jakarta bomb attacks
Afghan Aid on Hold as Corruption Is Probed
Top U.S. general plays down Afghan expectations
Kyrgyzstan faces tricky political future

Middle East
Iran sets conditions for nuclear talks
[LAT] and Iran says nuclear talks to resume with Brazil and Turkey [Reuters]
No Palestinian state before 2012 – Israeli minister
Palestinian boycott of Israeli settlement goods starts to bite
8 killed in Iraq attacks, including army general

Sudan to close border with Libya due to Darfur rebels
Kenyan prime minister has fluids drained from head
Madagascar postpones referendum on constitution

Russia says U.S. spy accusations baseless and improper
Ex-spy: May be 50 undercover Russian couples in US
Strikes hit Greece and Spain as ECB deadline looms
Berlusconi attacker found unfit for trial

Kagan says she would take a ‘modest’ approach on Supreme Court
Death of Byrd Complicates Democrats’ Strategy
Fitch lifts Brazil’s credit rating to investment-grade; further ‘improvement’ needed
Killing Escalates Mexico Drug War


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