Daily International News 07.12.10

July 12, 2010

Daily International News
July 12, 2010

Northeast Asia
North Korean officials to hold warship talks with US
Japan PM rules out snap poll after election setback
Hu hails China-Taiwan trade pact
China expands anti-corruption law

South/Southeast/Central Asia
Burma splinter democracy group to run in poll
Pakistan death toll soars above 100
[Al Jazeera]
Kashmir parties seek end to weeks of deadly protests
Afghan war unwinnable under Karzai, says rights group

Middle East
Israel report blames flawed planning for Gaza raid
Iran could acquire nuke weapons capability – Medvedev
[Ria Novosti]
Iran halts woman’s stoning ‘for now’
Yemen upholds death sentences in US Embassy attack

Int’l Court charges Sudan president with genocide
‘Somali link’ as 74 World Cup fans die in Uganda blasts
Darfur violence kills 221 in June: peacekeepers

Huge crowds rally in Spain for Catalan autonomy
Sarkozy Will Go on TV During Scandal
3 Britons sentenced in airline bomb plot
Orangemen march after Belfast riot; 27 police hurt
BP Mulls Selling Billions in Assets
[WSJ] and BP builds defence in takeover threat [Telegraph]
Polanski free, Swiss reject US extradition request

BP oil cap makes ‘significant progress’ – Coast Guard
SarahPAC steps into the big leagues
Fidel Castro to appear on Cuban television program


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