Daily International News 09.10.10

September 10, 2010

Daily International News
September 10, 2010

N.Korea Marks Founding Day Amid Talk of Succession
Lee downplays N. Korea’s reported next leader
[Yonhap] and US shrugs off North Korea succession talk [AP]
South Korea ready to reconcile with North – president
[Ria Novosti] and South Korea’s Lee seeks to boost commercial ties with North [Reuters]
Sharp calls North’s capabilities ‘worrisome’
China calls on Japan to release boat captain
Japan wary of China military, urges closer US ties
Veteran Japanese politician battles PM for top job
More than 230,000 Japanese centenarians ‘missing’
New Zealand quake no-go zones remain amid aftershocks

South/Central Asia
US Koran-burning protests sweep Afghanistan
Karzai calls on Taliban leader to join peace talks
U.S. troops charged with murder of Afghan civilians
U.S. effort to help Afghanistan fight corruption has complicated ties

Middle East
Iran’s president intervened in American’s release
Iran denies it is building secret nuclear facility
U.S. Urges Iraqis to Try New Plan to Share Power

2 Guinea election officials charged with fraud
Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho killed

Medvedev Gets ‘Last Chance’ to Escape Putin’s Growing Shadow
Kremlin talks tough after Caucasus attack
Merkel ally Steinbach quits in row over blame for WWII
France to continue deporting Roma despite EU pressure
U.N. resolution paves the way for Serbia-Kosovo talks
Belgian report: 100s come forward on church abuse
UK minister hired private eye to snoop on staff
London Mayor Boris Johnson to stand for re-election in 2012
UK’s Royal Mail to be privatised or sold, government says

Racked by drug violence, Mexico wary of Calif. vote on legalizing marijuana
Frustration Over U.S. Economy Saps Democratic Voter Enthusiasm
Judge declares U.S. military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy unconstitutional
Afghans protest, Fla. pastor plans to meet NY imam
Gas line explosion burns San Bruno neighborhood

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