Daily International News 10.01.10

October 1, 2010

Happy October! Now for the news…

Daily International News
October 1, 2010

Northeast Asia
G20 Summit
G20 Seoul Summit ‘May Test Relations with New N.Korean Leadership’
[Chosun Ilbo]
Asian leaders to pressure EU over IMF seats
[EU Observer]
What Group Photo Says About New N.Korean Power Elite
[Chosun Ilbo]
Korean families will meet at Mt. Geumgang this month
[Korea Times]
U.N. humanitarian chief considering N. Korea visit
Korean Parliament Approves New Prime Minister
[Chosun Ilbo]
China launches Moon mission
Geithner Plays Down Risk of Trade Battle With China Over Yuan
Japan PM urges China to act responsibly

South/Central Asia
Purported bin Laden message focuses on relief issues
Dozens of NATO oil tankers attacked in Pakistan
Holbrooke doubts Pakistan border will stay closed
U.S. tense over Pakistan

Middle East
Aides: Iraqi Shiite cleric backs al-Maliki
Obama envoy in shuttle to save Middle East talks
U.S. Presses Israelis on Renewal of Freeze
Iraq breaks record for longest time with no government
Yemen: U.S. has carried out airstrikes in Yemen

Explosions kill at least 7 near Nigeria ceremony
Rwanda: UN Report to Accuse Rwanda Army of DRC Massacres
[All Africa]
6 foreign hostages freed in Cameroon

Eurozone unemployment stuck at 10.1% in August
Ireland to bail out 3 banks, costing billions and renewing fears over deficit
Amanda Knox faces preliminary slander hearing
Ukraine’s pro-Russian president gets new powers
BMW to recall 350,000 luxury cars
Paris female trouser ban one step closer to being abolished

‘No pardon’ for Ecuador rebels, says President Correa
Standoff in Ecuador Ends With Leader’s Rescue
Republican Pledge to Freeze Spending Poses Deep Budgetary Cuts
Government issues tighter rules for deep-water drilling


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