Daily International News 10.27.10

October 27, 2010

Daily International News
October 27, 2010

Global extinction crisis looms, new study says

Northeast Asia
Clinton heads to Asia to assure China’s neighbors
Clinton Starts Asia Trip to Build Trade, Alliances [Bloomberg]

China holds first live-fire joint drills in Tibet
China looms large over Clinton’s Asia-Pacific tour
China to expand fleet to patrol disputed seas
CPC Central Committee’s proposal for 12th 5-year plan
Analysis: Rare earths next big thing or will the bubble burst?
Beijing Plans to Boost Product-Safety Rules

Aid Request Snags Korea Talks

Kan’s desire to join Trans-Pacific Partnership talks sparks spat within DPJ
With UN nature talks stalling, Japan offers $2 bln

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Philippines calls Myanmar elections a ‘farce’
Cambodia rebuffs UN chief on Khmer Rouge trials
Indonesia’s twin disasters kill more than 300

South/Central Asia
India signs nuclear liability pact, a U.S. demand
India says fears militant attack during Obama visit
Afghan contractor deadline delayed
[Al Jazeera]
NATO Can’t Stop Flow Of Bomb Materials From Pakistan
[National Journal]
Suspected US missile strikes kill 7 in Pakistan

Middle East
Washington pushes prospect of Middle East peace deal
Iran acknowledges it funds Afghan government
Sanctions widen gap between Iranian poor and rich
Turkey seizes al-Qaeda suspects
Clashes as nationalists march in Israeli Arab town
Anbar Province, Once a Hotbed of Iraqi Insurgency, Demands a Say on Resources
Ruler of UAE’s Ras al Khaimah emirate dies

Sudan president on safer ground as summit shifted
Jailed Eritrean journalist wins press freedom award

Report: Russia seeks to limit new NATO members
Bin Laden warns France over Afghan war, veil ban
French MPs adopt pension reform
Romania’s government survives no-confidence vote
Germany hopes to make forced marriage a crime

Latin leaders question move to legalize marijuana
Venezuela announces takeover of U.S. glass-making plants
Cuba sets out rules and taxes for self-employed workers
Rousseff lead widens to 15 points in Brazil race
Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies

Democrats Say Jon Stewart Rally Will Spur Enthusiasm to Vote
Obama to appear on ‘The Daily Show’
Path for vote on New START this year goes through Kyl
Soros gives $1M to Calif. pot legalization measure
U.S. Deports Record Number of Illegal Aliens in 2010
Fed Gears Up for Stimulus
[WSJ] and Fed looks set for new round of monetary easing [Reuters]
Rockefeller Presses Facebook, MySpace on Privacy; May Write Bill
Bloody Video Games May Get Same Age Curbs as Porn


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