Daily International News 11.11.10

November 11, 2010

Daily International News
November 11, 2010

Obama’s G-20 Misfire
[Daily Beast]
Pessimism pervades as G20 leaders show sharp split
Koreans Should Take Pride in the G20 Summit

Northeast Asia
Obama Speech Marks Shift on North Korea
North Korea Exports $100 Million a Year in Arms, UN Report Says
Pritchard reports work on NKorea’s Yongbyon building
N. Korea proposes talks on Mount Kumgang on Nov. 19: ministry
South Korea, U.S. fail to resolve trade deal row
China’s monitoring of activists surges post-Nobel
Obama: US, China relationship stronger
[AP] and China, U.S. presidents agree to further boost ties [Xinhua]
China inflation jumps to 25-month high in October
Mounting inflation pressure tests Chinese policy makers

Southeast Asia
Burma court rejects Suu Kyi appeal
Australia refugee law case trumps government policy

South/Central Asia
India for UNSC: Pakistan cabinet criticises US support
[India Times]
Pirates hijack ship near India with 31 crew aboard
Reports: Bomb rocks Pakistan’s largest city
U.K. Commander Offers Different Afghan Timetable
Audio recording reveals fraud in Afghan election

Middle East
Iraq deadlock ends, al-Maliki to stay on as PM
U.S. Blocks Iran’s Bid for a U.N. Board Seat
Iran accuses IAEA of leaking information to US
Clinton seeks ‘way forward’ in stalled Mid-East talks
Hamas and Fatah fail to reach agreement

Emergency polio campaign in 3 African nations
Five Somalis deny US piracy charges
Tropical disease kills 300 in Southern Sudan

ANALYSIS-UN watchdog may struggle to cope with atom revival
Russian ‘double agent’ named by Moscow newspaper
Iceland investigates possible US embassy spying
Italy rivals fail to break political deadlock
Michelle Obama honors US troops in Germany

Facing austerity, Britain proposes cuts in welfare and education
UK PM calls for prosecutions after violent demo
Nick Clegg regrets signing anti-tuition fees pledge
Britain to Tape Traders’ Cell Phones to Fight Fraud

Foreign media ‘focus too much on Mexico drug violence’
Kerry says December looks good for New START
Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war
F.D.A. Unveils Proposed Graphic Warning Labels for Cigarette Packs
White House Gives In On Bush Tax Cuts
Rifle squad honors vets with 57,000 goodbyes
A Careless Man: What the Bush Memoir Reveals
Christine O’Donnell fighting ‘late night terrorism’ from Bill Maher
Michele Bachmann drops leadership bid

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