Daily International News 11.29.10

November 29, 2010

Daily International News
November 29, 2010

NYT WikiLeaks Tranche Release

Leaked U.S. Cables Expose Tensions With China
Iran May Have North Korean Missiles, WikiLeaks Shows

WikiLeaks’ unveiling of secret State Department cables exposes U.S. spying
Iran dismisses Wikileaks release
Israeli PM: Release of memos could hurt diplomacy
US memos: Iran armed Hezbollah through ambulances
Israel says Arabs agree on Iran threat

Northeast Asia
South Korea Warns North Against New Attack
[NYT] and Lee Vows North Korea Will Pay as China Calls for Talks [Bloomberg]
SKorea cancels new artillery drill on tense island

From 11/28 South Korea-US military exercises stoke tensions [BBC]
China seeks emergency meeting on Koreas

China’s North Korean Alliance Risks Alienating Trading Partners
Chinese dissident released after 12-year jail term
China AIDS death toll up nearly 20,000 in a year
Okinawa governor wins second term, demands U.S. base be moved out of prefecture

Southeast Asia
From 11/28 UN envoy: Myanmar must address criticism of polls [AP]
Thai court dismisses governing party funding case

South/Central Asia
Transparency Int’l Alleges Pakistan Threats
‘Islamist militants killed’ in Kyrgyzstan raid
From 11/28 ‘Afghan policeman’ kills six Nato troops [BBC]

Middle East
Tariq Aziz sentenced on crimes against Iraqi Kurds
Bomb Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Egyptians demonstrate after flawed elections
From 11/28 Libya: Sudan president not to attend EU-AU summit [AP]
Somali pirates hijack Malaysian-flagged ship

Spanish debt rate hits eight-year high
Pro-European alliance ahead in Moldova elections

12 out of 17 Haiti presidential candidates denounce election fraud

Aztecas gang boss Gallegos ‘admits Mexico murders’
Brazilian forces seize large drugs haul in Rio favela
U.N. climate talks seek to bridge rich-poor divide

From 11/28 “Don’t Ask” Showdown Looms in Senate This Week [Time]
Obama to Freeze Pay for Most Federal Workers for 2 Years
From 11/28 Review calls for State Department to focus more on civilian response to conflict [WaPo]
Wal-Mart to buy 51 percent of South Africa company

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