Daily International News 01.10.11

January 10, 2011

Daily International News
January 10, 2011

Northeast Asia
US, China defense chiefs mend frayed military ties
U.S. and China Defense Chiefs Agree to Keep Talking
Report: Chinese troops cross into Indian territory
Missing China activist Gao Zhisheng ‘tortured’
Panda politics: China sending 2 pandas to Scotland
China, Britain sign deals worth 4.7 billion USD
China trade growth slows as imports rise
North Korea offers talks to South Korea
South Korea, Japan discuss military pact
Hacker Attack Greets Kim Jong-un on His Birthday
Kim Jong Eun Parties in Private
Japan to hold naval drills involving U.S. warships in East China Sea on Monday
[Ria Novosti]

Southeast Asia
Burma’s new parliament to convene on 31 January
Thai government welcomes ‘peaceful’ red-shirt rally

South/Central Asia
India soon to fly first fighter jet built at home
Pakistan blasphemy law ‘to stand’
[Al Jazeera]

Middle East
U.S. Says Sanctions Hurt Iran Nuclear Program
Clinton to Warn Gulf Countries Not to Ease Vigilance Against Iran Threat
In slaying probe, Iran claims it penetrated Mossad
Iran convicts prominent human rights lawyer
Netanyahu defends settlement after U.S. criticism
Palestinians say they’ll go to UN for recognition
EU diplomats say East Jerusalem should be treated as Palestinian capital
Saudi woman jailed for abusing Indonesian maid Sumiati

Sudan border clashes kill 36 as south votes-officials
South Sudan independence referendum: Second day
Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo rebuffs latest mediator
Fourteen killed in Tunisia unemployment protests
French hostages killed during rescue mission, ministry says

Basque militants call permanent Spain cease-fire
Iceland protests over US probe of lawmaker
01.09 Belarus Signals It Could Seize Opponent’s Son [NYT]
01.09 Lisbon resists pressure for bail-out [FT]
01.09 Germany vows action after dioxin scare [Deutsche Welle]
German cities threatened by flooding after winter thaw

Trade war looming, warns Brazil
From 01.09 Chavez condemns OAS ‘interference’ in Venezuela [BBC]

US VP Biden arrives in Afghanistan for visit
Giffords shooting unlikely to sway public opinion about gun control
Doctor: Gabrielle Giffords ‘holding her own’ after shooting [WaPo]
Kyl Optimistic Republicans, Obama Can Compromise on U.S. Tax Code Overhaul

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