Daily International News 01.19.11

January 19, 2011

Daily International News
January 19, 2011

Hu-Obama Summit
Op-ed: Mr. Obama, speak up for human rights in China
Obama pressured to speak out on China human rights
Clinton: Building trust with Beijing a must for US
The Weekly Standard: Liu Matters, Hu Doesn’t
President Obama to Announce Jointly Funded Center for Nuclear Security in China
Ballmer, Blankfein Invited by Obama to Hu Discussion on Business in China

Northeast Asia
Top Pentagon Asia official, Gregson, to step down

Report: China largely restores aircraft carrier

China’s Internet population rises to 457 million
Chinese Firm to Invest in North Korea

Chinese consumer price inflation ‘down to 4.6%’
N. Korea working on uranium enrichment ‘since 1990s’
South Korea seeks longer-range missiles – report
and Korea, U.S. negotiate revision of pact on missiles [JoongAng]
Kim and Jong-un get beefed up security
Defector Offers Insights into N.Korean Arms Buildup
Japan wants China leadership on North Korea
Sugiyama, Japan’s point man on N.Korea to visit China
[Straits Times via AFP]

Donations pour into Okinawa city after gov’t withdraws funds tied to hosting U.S. base
Sting meets dolphin advocate, hopes for debate

Southeast Asia
Group says survey confirms Myanmar rights abuses
[AP] – a link to the report is here

South/Central Asia
Judges seek delay in opening Afghan parliament
Bomb blast kills 20 Afghan civilians in southeast
Afghan journalist attacked with acid
Scandal-hit India PM skirts major cabinet changes

Middle East
Hariri tribunal: Saudi Arabia quits Lebanon mediation

Powers to press defiant Iran in nuclear row
Insurgents Renew Attacks on Iraqi Security Troops
Lebanon Shows Shift of Influence in Mideast

Arab League chief says Tunisia is dire warning
Tunisia probes foreign assets of deposed leader
AU’s Odinga says Ivory Coast mediation fails

DR Congo army commander ‘led mass rape’ in Fizi

Former Swiss banker linked to WikiLeaks goes on trial
New UK law means queen’s secrets to stay that way
UK unemployment total rises further
Ministers seek to answer critics as NHS bill published
Euro MPs adopt cross-border healthcare law
Germany approves anti-dioxin action plan

Haiti election officials downplay OAS conclusion

From 01/18 Bolivia launches coca leaf diplomatic offensive [BBC]
Deal ends Chile Magallanes gas protest

SOTU: State of the Seating Chart

Lieberman Is Said to Decide Against Seeking Re-Election to Senate in 2012
Sen. Kent Conrad retirement boosts GOP Senate hopes
House Republicans Move to Dismantle Obama’s Health-Care Law
Issa Said to Consider Focusing First Hearing on TARP Inspector’s Report
FBI: Bomb found on MLK march route

Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows
Goldman Sachs profits down by half on weak debt trading
Apple makes record profits of $6bn in last three months


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