Daily International News 02.23.11

February 23, 2011

Daily International News
February 23, 2011

‘Jasmine Revolutions’ – North Africa
Libya: Ex-official kidnapped; interior minister said he resigned

Libya crew abort bombing mission on Benghazi: report
Sarkozy becomes first to urge sanctions against Libya

Report: Ex-minister says Gadhafi ordered Lockerbie
[AP] Original article – “Khadaffi gav order om Lockerbie-attentatet” [Expressen]
Italian Energy Company Suspends Gas Pipeline to Libya
Background: Economist’s Mapping the Arab World
From 02/22 Algeria’s state of emergency to be lifted ‘imminently’ [BBC]
Banks Scrutinize Tunisian Ben Ali Regimes’ Assets
Egypt’s cabinet, under attack, meets for first time
Middle East
Saudi king announces new benefits
[Al Jazeera]
Bahrain releases prisoners as king leaves country on trip
First Protester Deaths at Yemen Rally

Northeast Asia
Four face execution for killings in China’s Xinjiang
China detains citizens who spread call to protest

‘Poisoned’ Chinese workers turn to Apple for help
Hong Kong grows at 6.8% in 2010 helped by Chinese money
N. Korea accuses S. Korea of provoking Nov. attack on border island
SKorea, China worry over NKorea’s nuclear program
Pakistani president asks Kan for same nuke cooperation deal given India
Pressure on Japan PM grows as MP leaves govt post

South/Central/SE Asia/Pacific
US talks with Myanmar’s Suu Kyi about aid

New Zealand police warn of rising death toll
Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi

Middle East
Israel to Europe: Iran ships augur nuclear spread
Israeli tanks strike Gaza after mortar attack

Gbagbo loyalists killed in Ivory Coast ambush

Coptic Christian priest killed in southern Egypt

Greeks return to the streets to protest austerity cuts
[Deutsche Welle]
From 02/22 Thachi re-elected Kosovo PM despite organ controversy’ [BBC]
London Mayor Boris Johnson accused of ‘barefaced lies’ over police numbers

More than 11,000 migrants kidnapped in Mexico
Mexico economic growth hits 10-year high
Brazil sues ex-president, ex-minister over letters

Obama Said Likely to Name NSC’s Shapiro as Ambassador to Israel
Thousands March on State Capitols as Union Fight Spreads
From 02/22 Rahm Emanuel elected Chicago mayor, avoids April runoff with majority of vote [WaPo]
U.S. big surfing contest wipes out, no waves
Christine O’Donnell ponders ‘Dancing With the Stars’ gig

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