Daily International News 03.07.11

March 7, 2011

Daily International News
March 7, 2011

Northeast Asia
North Korea offers talks to South on return of refugees
IAEA seeks further N. Korea nuclear inspections
Sankei: N. Korea Assisting Myanmar in Development of SCUD SRBM
[Arirang via Sankei]
China’s intimidation of the foreign press
[BBC] and China says police did not beat foreign reporters [AP]
China challenges US predominance in Asia-Pacific
China: Tibet won’t fall apart if Dalai Lama dies
China, N. Korea eye Kim Jong Un visit to China by July
Beijing raises spending on internal security
Japan’s PM hangs on but outlook grim
Edano to temporarily double as Japan’s foreign minister
U.S. diplomat accused of disparaging Okinawans
[Japan Times]

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Former Fiji minister to seek asylum in Australia
Guineans find themselves poorer under democracy

South/Central Asia
Relations worsen as Karzai rejects U.S. apology over deaths of 9 Afghan boys
Gates: US may extend Afghan mission
[Al Jazeera]
US negotiating security deal with Afghans
Pakistan president tells US envoy ties stay strong
U.S. Navy frees ship from suspected Indian Ocean pirates

Middle East
Bahrain’s Shiite protesters appeal for US backing
Yemen opposition vows “escalation” against president
Kuwaiti protests on Tuesday aim to remove PM
8 Palestinians wounded in clash with Israeli army

North Africa
Britain and France drafting no-fly resolution
No-Fly Zone Over Libya Urged as McCain, Kerry Downplay Risks
Gadhafi Forces Strike Coastal Town; U.N. Appoints Envoy
Egyptian Leaders to Swear in Candidates for New Cabinet

South-Saharan Africa
Abyei violence overshadows Sudan border talks
Ivory Coast: Ouattara ‘ministers’ homes looted’
Ivory Coast rebels seize control of 30-mile strip
Lead poisoning kills 400 more Nigerian children

Chirac to get his day in court
Greece angered as Moody’s cuts credit rating again
Kosovo, Serbia to hold first direct talks

Foreign policy braggadocio on Libya and AIDS
White House Seeks to Allay Muslims’ Fears on Terror Hearings
[NYT] and W.H.: Don’t ‘demonize’ Islam [POLITICO]
GOP, White House remain $50 billion apart on budget
Obama’s Starting 2012 Race for Money With a Record Not Promise
Romney’s tea party-friendly defense on health care
The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms

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