Daily International News 05.27.11

May 27, 2011

Daily International News
May 27, 2011

Northeast Asia
N Korea ‘to release US citizen Eddie Jun Yong-su’
[BBC] and N. Korea says will release American detainee in conciliatory gesture toward U.S. [Yonhap]
China trip by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il ends
Iran meets North Korea, Syria in Bali
[Jakarta Post]
North Korean Dependence on China Trade Rises as Sanctions Worsen Isolation
South Korean court jails four Somali pirates
Korean War POW finally buried after 60 years
US lawmakers block China firms from Pentagon contracts
45 senators urge Obama to sell F-16s to Taiwan
Taiwan Opposition Candidate Would Seek Deals With China
Japan beats deflation for the first time in two years
Japan moves to protect children as new nuclear leak revealed
IAEA team inspect Fukushima plant
AP Exclusive: Fukushima tsunami plan a single page

Southeast Asia/Pacific
China, Myanmar forge partnership, ink deals
Thailand arrests US citizen for ‘insult to monarchy’
Australia returns passport to ex-Gitmo detainee
Author jailed over Singapore criticism
[Al Jazeera]

South/Central Asia
Pakistan air force kills 23 militants in northwest
India, US pledge to boost intelligence cooperation
2 blasts hit US troops in deadly Afghan attack
Clinton in Pakistan
Tension Marks Clinton’s Visit to Pakistan
Anti-Americanism will not end Pakistan’s problems: Clinton
Clinton exonerates Pakistan over Osama Bin Laden
Hillary Clinton sees turning point in Pakistan

Middle East
Arab democracies win G8 aid pledge
G8 leaders expected to back Obama on 1967 borders
Protesters ‘shot dead’ by Syrian forces
[Al Jazeera]
Yemen’s Saleh faces growing condemnation
[Al Jazeera]

Egyptians gather for second ‘day of anger’
[Al Jazeera]
NATO air strikes rock Libyan capital
[Al Jazeera]
Obama Says U.S., France Resolve to ‘Finish the Job’ They Began in Libya
Russia agrees to mediate Gaddafi exit
[Al Jazeera]
Sudan’s Seizure of Abyei Region Won’t Spark New War, Ex-U.S. Envoy Says
S.Sudan says 80,000 flee after north takes Abyei
Long-sought former Hutu militia leader captured

Warm welcome, few policy wins for Obama in Europe
Obama visit to Poland chance to add vigor to ties
Mladic due in Belgrade court for extradition case
Embarrassment, mockery over Berlusconi’s latest gaffe
Air France captain was absent when descent began

Colombia identifies almost 10,000 bodies in unmarked graves
U.S. Congress Approves Four-Year Extension of Patriot Act Wiretap Power
Clyburn Predicts Last-Minute Debt-Limit Deal to Cut Up to $6 Trillion
Democrats See Revived Political Prospects for 2012 Elections
Romney, Santorum and Bachmann all signal 2012 announcement plans
Bachmann, Palin Could Compete for Same Audience, Splitting Tea Party Vote

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