Daily International News 09.15.11

September 15, 2011

Daily International News
September 15, 2011

UN General Assembly
The U.N. Is Open; Mark Your Dance Card
UN chief: Palestine bid ‘understandable’
[Al Jazeera]
Netanyahu to address UN on day Palestinians submit statehood bid
Venezuela oppose rebels in Libya’s UN seat
Cuba urges UN General Assembly to vote against U.S. embargo
UK to boycott U.N. racism conference anniversary
Haitian Groups to Rally at United Nations Headquarters in New York
UN aims to fight cancer, diabetes, heart, lung diseases
[Detroit Free Press]

Northeast Asia
Earthquake off northeast Japan
[Al Jazeera]
S. Korea proposes talks with Japan over wartime sex slaves
Japan hunts 195 whales in northwest Pacific Ocean
Taiwan gets Japanese cranes in gift from Hokkaido city
S. Korea to respect free will of N. Korean defectors in Japan
US, S. Korea Negotiate Drone Support Near DMZ
IAEA Leans on North Korea Over Nuke Program
A look at life in North Korea’s remote northeast
North Korea Food Crisis Worsens as Prices Jump, Aid Vanishes
Hiroshima doctors aim to visit A-bomb survivors in North Korea in Oct.
China warns India on South China Sea exploration projects
[The Hindu]
China sentences 4 Uighur men to death over attacks
Chinese petitioners detained during Biden’s visit
2011 Summer Davos enters 2nd day

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Indonesia, Vietnam agree to joint sea patrols
[China Post]
Myanmar sentences journalist to 10 more years
Cambodian, Thai leaders agree to work for border peace
New species of dolphin discovered near Australia

South/Central Asia
Panetta expresses frustration with Pakistan, says U.S. will do all it can to root out militants
U.S. names Indian Mujahideen to terror blacklist
Deadly blast at funeral in Pakistan
[Al Jazeera]
Mongolia bans external talks on nuclear waste storage plans

Middle East
Renewed violence rocks Yemen
[Al Jazeera]
Settler attacks raise West Bank tension ahead of U.N.
Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan
[Al Jazeera]
Syrian activists form opposition council
Syrian protesters mark six months of revolt
[Al Jazeera]

French and British leaders visit Libya
[Al Jazeera]

Amid Political Rancor, Russian Party Leader Quits
NATO says ready to act to stop violence in Kosovo
UBS man held over $2bn ‘rogue trades’
[Al Jazeera]

Students continue to protest in Chile’s capital for reforms
Peru’s first black minister: barefoot singer

House casts a symbolic vote against lifting debt ceiling
John Boehner to urge reform of tax code
Obama green-tech program that backed Solyndra struggles to create jobs
NASA unveils plan for space vehicle to go beyond low-Earth orbit


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