Daily International News 10.21.11

October 21, 2011

Daily International News
October 21, 2011

Northeast Asia
Pentagon chief Panetta on first trip to Asia [AP]
Japan Cabinet OKs $158B extra budget for tsunami [AP]
UN says North Korea needs food aid, not politics [AP]
NK to hold onto nukes after Gadhafi fall [Korea Times]
S. Korea, US Jet Fighters Stage Major Drill [Jakarta Globe]
Wi expresses cautious hope for US-NK talks [Korea Times]
S. Korea keeps pressure on N. Korea to accept conditions for 6-party talks [Yonhap]
Delegates to North-South Korea relations summit calls for adherence to past nuclear agreements [WaPo]
Koreas react differently to Gadhafi’s death [Yonhap]
China’s military in diplomatic charm offensive [AP]
Chinese toddler ignored after hit-and-run dies [AP]
Gadhafi goes from ‘strongman’ to ‘madman’ in China [AP]
China-EU summit shelved due to debt talks [AP]

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Thais battle to shore up Bangkok as floods threaten [Reuters]
Three dead at Papua Freeport mine, as strike continues  [BBC]

South/Central Asia
Clinton warns Pakistan on insurgent havens [WaPo]

Middle East
Turkey and Iran to co-operate against PKK [Al Jazeera]
Syrian protesters take inspiration from Libya [AP]
U.N. council to vote on Yemen resolution on Friday [Reuters]

U.N. Panel Calls for Inquiry Into Qaddafi’s Death [NYT]
Gaddafi , in meat locker, still divides Libya [Reuters]
Libya plans secret burial for Muammar Gaddafi [BBC]
NATO: It didn’t know Gadhafi was in bombed convoy [AP]
Al-Shabab claims peacekeepers’ killings [Al Jazeera]
Uganda sued over maternal deaths [Al Jazeera]

EU launches its first satellite navigation system [AP]
Spain rules out talks with armed Basque group ETA [AP]
Germany, France grappling to agree debt deal [AP]
Greece adopts austerity bill amid protests [Reuters]
Murdoch set to face shareholders’s ire [Al Jazeera]

Venezuelan president declares recovery from cancer [Xinhua]
Guatemala leader apologises for 1954 coup [Al Jazeera]
Chile students disrupt Senate meeting to press demands [BBC]
Mexico’s Calderon: US dumping criminals at border [BBC]
Massive floods sweep El Salvador [Al Jazeera]

Two charged in US over alleged Iran plot [Al Jazeera]
Obama to sign free-trade agreements [AP]
US jobs plan: Senate blocks key proposal [BBC]
Steve Jobs vowed to ‘destroy’ Android [BBC]


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