Daily International News 10.27.11

October 27, 2011

Department of State
October 27, 2011

Northeast Asia
Japanese cyber security in question after data stolen from gov’t, defense contractor
TEPCO won’t build retaining wall to stop radioactive water seeping into ground water
86 Japanese citizens listed as Pyongyang residents in leaked North Korean data

Pentagon chief doubts N. Korea will give up nukes
North Korea Expanding WMD Production Capabilities: South Lawmaker

Chinese VP says N. Korea willing to seek talks with S. Korea to ease tensions
Diplomacy with North Korea Takes Center Stage in Seoul
North Korea bans citizens working in Libya from returning home
S. Korea calls for pressure on N. Korea to resolve abduction issue
Leftist wins Seoul mayoral race: How it could alter South Korea’s ties with North Korea
China invites Japanese FM to visit

China, South Korea pledge to enhance exchanges
China’s internet users targeted in online rumour probes
Protests hit China as property prices fall
China issues white paper on socialist legal system
Tawian pays compensation for wrongful execution

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Indonesian foreign minister to visit Myanmar over ASEAN’s chairmanship
Bangkok floods: Thousands flee as waters approach

South/Central Asia
Rare Taliban praise for Pakistan’s Maulana Abdul Ghani
Insurgents attack US-run base in Afghanistan
Pakistan drone attack ‘kills’ top militants
ISI may act if Afghanistan gets too close to India: Musharraf
[Times of India]

Middle East
Saudi king prepares to name new crown prince
Quartet bid to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks fails
Israel frees Egytian prisoners in swap deal
[Al Jazeera]
Iran pulls out of Ping-Pong ‘diplomacy’
EU sanctions on Syrian oil “unjust”: minister
Arab Spring activists awarded Europe’s Sakharov prize

Saif al-Islam Qaddafi wants plane to surrender; Tunisia frees ex-PM al-Baghdadi
[Al Arabiya]
Tunisian Islamists await word on election win
France: No need to extend NATO’s Libya mission
Kenya has right to pursue al Shabaab: Somali PM
Kenya-Somalia border attack: Al-Shabab suspected
South Africa DA elects first black parliamentary leader

Turk quake survivors plead for tents, foreign aid flows
Turkey earthquake: Deaths rise to 523
EU Forges Greek Bond Deal
Ireland goes to polls after bitter presidential campaign
London cleric quits over cathedral protest camp
St. Paul’s Cathedral to reopen Friday

Praise and dollars from the World Bank to Peruvian president Humala
Uruguay overturns amnesty for military-era crimes
Argentina jails officials from ‘Dirty War’
[Al Jazeera]
Argentina ‘Angel of Death’ Alfredo Astiz convicted

Perry Plans to Bypass Some Republican Debates
Romney as Client for Turnaround Applies Lessons Learned in White House Run
Quran Burning Pastor Terry Jones Is Running For President
Gay troops to file suit challenging Defense of Marriage Act
U.S. Economy Shows Modest Growth
Oakland protesters return to the streets
[Al Jazeera]

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