Daily International News 11.02.11

November 2, 2011

Daily International News
November 2, 2011

Northeast Asia
Some Asian Economies Reflect Strains
Japan lawmakers ‘to visit N. Korea’
Japan reactor restarts; new glitch hits Fukushima
N. Korea opens bureau to run free trade zone with China: source
Russian, S.Korean leaders to discuss cooperation, N.Korea nuclear problem
[Ria Novosti]
U.S. army extends curfew in South Korea
N. Korea’s heir apparent fathered daughter last year: source
China confirms commitment to neighborly solution of maritime tension
Ai Weiwei says he won’t be silenced
[Al Jazeera]
China military accepting bigger recruits, tattoos
Herman Cain Warns China Is Seeking ‘Nuclear Capability’
Indian police detain 37 Tibetan protesters outside Chinese embassy

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Residents tear down Bangkok flood barrier
[Al Jazeera]
Philippine govt, rebels in standoff over commander
Ship stranded on NZ reef ‘nearly breaking up’
[Al Jazeera]

South/Central Asia
Afghanistan security summit opens in Turkey
[Al Jazeera]
Pakistan looks to restrict Haqqanis’ movement
Pakistan ready to normalize trade with India
Nepal parties say breakthrough reached in peace process

Middle East
Arab League to unveil plan to ease Syria crisis
Several reported killed in Yemeni unrest
[Al Jazeera]
Israel orders new building in East Jerusalem
[Al Jazeera] 
Israeli army tests rocket system
PLO to pursue statehood despite Israeli measures

Kenya warns of “imminent” strikes on Somali towns
Somali pirates seize Greek tanker

Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition
Sarkozy scrambles to salvage Cannes summit
Papandreou wins cabinet backing for Greek bailout referendum
[Deutsche Welle]
Greece Sticks With Referendum
French satirical newspaper firebombed after prophet Mohammed announcement
Archbishop of Canterbury Urges Debate of Tax on Bankers

Mexico remembers its dead amid drug wars
[Al Jazeera]
Brazil heading for another record trade surplus close to 30 billion dollars

Herman Cain’s accuser wants to tell her side of story, lawyer says
Gloria Cain Stands By Her Man
[Daily Beast]
Romney, Cain skip Iowa economic forum
Quinnipiac Poll: Obama Shows Marked Improvement
Obama: I’ll make the call on Keystone XL project
Bloomberg: Congress caused the mortgage crisis, not the banks
Feds: Four Members Of Georgia ‘Fringe Militia Group’ Plotted Biological Attack On Citizens, Government Officials
Bank of America cancels debit card fee

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