Daily International News 11.22.11

November 22, 2011

Daily International News
November 22, 2011

Northeast Asia
South Korea ratifies long-delayed US trade deal
US Official Sherman Spells Out Steps For N. Korea Overture
[VOA]UN General Assembly Concerned Over Rights Abuses In Iran, North Korea, Myanmar [RTT]
Number of N. Korean defector arrivals jumps 19 pct this year
(Yonhap Interview) Bosworth dissatisfied with ‘management strategy’ on N. Korea
Stealth fighter J-20 conducts test flights in SW China
Tibet group video allegedly shows nun burning
[AP] – Original Video Footage [SFT]
Mystery over China’s Wenzhou bullet-train crash inquiry
China Outlines Cuts in Carbon Emissions
Ai Weiwei’s supporters strip off to show backing

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Myanmar makes rare progress in ethnic ceasefire talks
Nuon Chea defends actions in Khmer Rouge genocide trial
Philippine ex-President Arroyo faces civil case over 2009 massacre
Fans die in Indonesia football stampede
[Al Jazeera]

South/Central Asia
Pakistan army denies reports of talks with Taliban
Pakistan telecoms body delays ban on ‘obscene’ texts
India rupee hits all-time US dollar low

Middle East
Turkish premier urges Syrian leader to step down
Saudi security forces ‘fire on protesters’
[Al Jazeera]
U.N. envoy says Yemen power transfer deal in place
Iran says new sanctions from West “in vain”
Iraqi civilians win legal bid for torture inquiry

Three Americans arrested in Cairo as unrest enters 4th day
Wider Protests Urged in Egypt as Crackdown Enters Day 4
Egypt activists call for ‘million-man’ rally
[Al Jazeera]
ElBaradei approached for Egypt PM post
[Al Jazeera]
ICC prosecutor in Libya for trial talks
[Al Jazeera]
Africa sees dramatic improvement in HIV treatment
[Mail & Guardian]
Warplane targets rebel-held village in south Somalia
S Africa adopts contentious secrets bill
[Al Jazeera]

Turkish journalists on trial for ‘anti-government plot’
Moody’s Warns France on Rating
IMF and EU consider further help for Hungary
[Al Jazeera]
Strauss-Kahn sues media and Sarkozy aide – lawyers

Brazil to fine Chevron millions in ocean oil spill
[SF Chronicle]

Republican debate: Five questions
Both Parties Set to Use Failure of Debt Deal for 2012 Campaign
BofA Warned to Get Stronger
US growth revised down for third quarter
UC Davis chancellor apologizes for pepper-spray incident
[LA Times]

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