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Daily International News 01.25.10

January 25, 2010

Daily International News
January 25, 2010

01.24 North Korea responds angrily to South’s talk of strike [BBC]

01.24 Mayor-Elect in Okinawan City Opposes U.S. Base [WaPo]
China, S Korea, Japan to hold preliminary meeting on free trade pact

China Tries to Steer Public Opinion on Web Issue
[WSJ] and Accusation of Chinese government’s participation in cyber attack “groundless”: ministry [Xinhua]
China has ‘open mind’ on cause of climate change
01.23 Taiwan’s Grand Hotel welcome for Chinese visitors [BBC]

Southeast Asia
Myanmar says Suu Kyi to be freed in November – witnesses
[Reuters] and Myanmar party plays down Suu Kyi release report [Reuters]

Middle East
‘Chemical Ali’ executed in Iraq

01.24 Afghanistan postpones parliamentary election until fall [CNN]
01.24 McChrystal sees Taliban role [FT]
Afghan, Pakistan leaders in Turkey for security talks

Prime Ministers due in NI for talks on policing talks
Greek finance minister rejects rumors of quitting eurozone
French call for veil ban in public buildings

Sudan sets two-month deadline for deal with rebels
Algerians return from Guantanamo Bay prison
Ethiopian jet crash deaths rise as 34 bodies found

Debate grows in aftermath of quake: Should U.S. let more Haitians immigrate?
Haiti’s PM in Canada for International Meeting on Earthquake Recovery

White House, Top Republican Say Bernanke to Keep Job
Bin Laden endorses bomb attempt on US plane
U.S. seeks charges against former Guatemalan president