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Daily International News 12.17.10

February 17, 2010

Daily International News
February 17, 2010


North Korea
N. Korean leader’s only sister seen to have growing power
N. Korean nuclear talks to resume soon: Seoul minister

Japan’s Iran Moment
Japan Surpasses China as Largest Holder of US Debt

U.S. carrier arrives in Hong Kong amid China tensions
Hu urges developing west side of Taiwan Straits

South/Southeast Asia
Pakistani army confirms arrest of Taliban commander
Impasse feared in Philippine talks with rebels
Opposition Leader Fonseka Arrested in Sri Lanka

Middle East
Russia urges Iran to actively cooperate with the IAEA
[Al Jazeera]
US envoy William Burns in Syria visit
General Says 2 Iraq Politicians Have Ties to Iran
Clinton Says Iran Army Warning Was Message to Nation’s Leaders
[Bloomberg] and Iran leader accuses U.S. of “war-mongering” [Reuters]

EU deplores Libya visa ban for Europeans
Court suspends Ukraine result on PM’s challenge
Finns propose ban on handguns after shootings

Somalia: TFG State Minister Escapes Big Blasts

Argentina Intensifies Row With U.K. Over Falkland Islands
Honduran leader keeps military chief behind coup
French President Sarkozy arrives in Haiti

As the world watches, Dalai Lama will meet with Obama at the White House
Obama Administration Marks Anniversary of Stimulus Legislation
Nuclear Industry Gets Lift, No ‘Renaissance’ From U.S. Loan Aid

Toyota considers Corolla recall over steering problems
BP Leaves: Defections Shake Up Climate Coalition