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Daily International News 01.11.09

January 11, 2010

Now that I’m back from my London jaunt, here’s the first international news bulletin of the new year!

Daily International News
January 11, 2010

Clinton to East Asia
Clinton to talk bases, security on Pacific swing

North Korea
North Korea Calls for Peace Treaty Talks With U.S.
S. Korea skeptical of N. Korean proposal for peace treaty

Japan seeks to come clean from secret nuke deal
[China Daily]

China says missile defense system test successful
China sends Rio case to prosecutors
China surpasses Germany as world’s top exporter
Sino-Pak talks on joint strategy to meet challenges

Middle East
Panel Ties Ally of Iran Leader to Protester Deaths
Afghans agree Bagram jail takeover
[Al Jazeera]
Israel to build 2 fences on porous Egyptian border
Yemenis locate German hostages – German minister

Southeast Asia
Malaysia church attacks continue in use of ‘Allah’ row

Spain will likely accept 2 Guantanamo prisoners
Official: NIreland leader to step down temporarily
Islamic Group Cancels Antiwar March in Britain
Croatia election commission: Josipovic wins presidency
Back at work, Italy’s Berlusconi seeks new immunity
Race Riots Grip Italian Town, and Mafia Is Suspected

Chavez says military will monitor Venezuelan prices

Reid fights for political life; Republicans call on him to step down
Google’s Eric Schmidt on why bankers deserve little sympathy and Obama does
A Risky Proposal: Gay Marriage in the US
[New Yorker]