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Daily International News 09.01.10

September 1, 2010

Happy September!!

Daily International News
September 1, 2010

Northeast Asia
NKorea forges trade docs to dodge sanction: report
Engaging North Korea in Twitter Diplomacy
North Korea seeks stronger ties with China
U.N. Lays Plans to Spend $290M on Aid to North Korea
China Hints at N.Korean Guilt in Cheonan Sinking
N. Korea silent on offer to send flood aid: S. Korea
Americans Won’t Forget Cheonan Sinking
China begins military exercises in Yellow Sea
US decides against China currency investigation
China imposes anti-subsidy duties on US chicken
Hong Kong seeks minimum wage deal
China orders mobile phone users to disclose real names amid privacy concerns
Japan PM Kan, rival Ozawa clash over fiscal policy

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Myanmar media confirm junta chief retains power
Cambodia boasts plans for Asia’s tallest building
Australian PM Gillard secures support from Greens

South/Central Asia
Interview with CIA Veteran Michael Scheuer: ‘Only the Taliban Are Not Corrupt’
[Der Spiegel]
Crisis spurs Afghan bank ‘takeover’
[Al Jazeera]
Afghan bankers resign amid corruption allegations
Floods slow growth, raise inflation: Gilani
Pakistan will require long-term aid, says Clegg

Middle East
Peace Process
Palestinians crack down on Hamas after shooting
Trying to Buck Odds, Obama Takes On 3 Big Mideast Tasks
Israel hints Jerusalem compromise in peace talks
No settlement deal ahead of Mideast talks
Obama Declares an End to Combat Mission in Iraq
US changes military commanders in Iraq
SPIEGEL Interview with Iran’s Foreign Minister: ‘The West Lacks Political Maturity’
[Der Spiegel]
Gunmen fire on plane carrying aid workers in Congo
Mozambique police fire at crowds protesting prices
South Sudan’s Aweil region swamped by floods

Spain Reaches Out to China on Government Debt
French ministers lash out at ‘grotesque’ criticisms of Roma policy
[EU Observer]
Rape probe against WikiLeaks founder reopened
Tony Blair’s A Journey memoir released – live blog
Tony Blair tells of tension with ‘maddening’ Brown
[BBC] and Tony Blair: ‘I cried for Iraq war victims’ [AP]
Ed Miliband says it’s time to ‘move on’ from Blair

Mexico dismisses 10% of federal police
New photos show Fidel Castro with US journalist
Fidel Castro takes blame for persecution of Cuban gays
‘Unprecedented’ challenge to save Chilean miners

Obama Says End of Iraq Combat Makes Economy ‘Central Mission’
Murkowski Concedes Alaska Primary Defeat
Hurricane Earl downgraded to Category 3, still threatens East Coast


Daily International News 06.11.10

June 11, 2010

Daily International News
June 11, 2010

New UN climate text omits deepest 2050 carbon cuts [Reuters]

Northeast Asia
Op-Ed: The Okinawa Question [NYT]
Pyongyang Shifts Rhetoric at Home [WSJ]
Spreading thoughts of freedom among North Koreans [WaPo]
Taiwan pulls movies from Shanghai festival [AP]
Court cuts former Taiwan president’s sentence [AP]
Man sentenced to death for China school stabbings [Reuters]

Central/South Asia
26 killed, 450 hurt in new wave of Kyrgyz unrest [AP]
Kyrgyzstan declares state of emergency after fatal rioting [Guardian]
Bomb kills 9 in Afghan south: provincial official [AFP]

Iran [sanctions related]
Ahmadinejad calls UN resolution ‘worthless paper’ [AP]
Iran sanctions ‘will not affect’ Russia missile deal [BBC]
Turkey Is Committed to Western Ties, Erdogan Says [WSJ]
Beyond Iran Sanctions, Plans B, C, D and … [NYT]
The Myth of Iran’s Isolation [WaPo]

Middle East [non-sanctions related]
Attack on military convoy injures 14 in east Turkey [Reuters]
Abbas: Hope eroding for two-state Mideast solution [Reuters]
Iran expects to hold trial soon for 3 Americans [AP]
Iran opposition calls off election anniversary rally [LAT]
Iraqi merger forms new Shia bloc, the National Alliance [BBC]
Six killed in Iraq violence [AFP]

South Africa’s Hopes Extend Beyond Field [NYT]
In preparation for World Cup, the poor in Cape Town are being relocated [WaPo]
Darfur Jem rebels free Sudan government soldiers [BBC]
Swiss held for nearly 2 years in Libya released [AP]
Finnish court sentences Rwandan pastor to life [Reuters]

Pope begs forgiveness, promises action on abuse [AP]

New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf [NYT]
White House requests meeting with BP’s senior executives [WaPo]
2,200 arrested in U.S. crackdown on Mexican drug cartels [WaPo]
Chaos at Arlington Cemetery: Mismarked graves, dumping of urns [WaPo]