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Daily International News 03.28.11

March 28, 2011

Daily International News
March 28, 2011

Northeast Asia
High-level radiation detected in trench outside Fukushima reactor building [Kyodo]
Ocean Spill Feared as Toxic Water Rises [WSJ]
U.S. helps clear vital Japan harbor [TWT]
UN asks China to release missing rights lawyer [AP]
In China, microblogging sites become free-speech platform [WaPo]
Amnesty: China and US among top punishers but death penalty in decline [Guardian]
Tibet marks 52nd anniversary of serfs’ emancipation, steers into faster growth [Xinhua]
Attempts to jeopardize Tibet’s stability, development are doomed to failure: official [Xinhua]
N. Korean economic delegation arrives in New York [Yonhap]
North Korea’s Top Lawmaker Choe Leaves Pyongyang for U.K. Visit, KCNA Says [Bloomberg]
DPRK denounces UN human rights resolution [Xinhua]
S. Korean FM leaves for China for talks [Xinhua]
Seoul to shut problematic nuclear reactors after month-long tests [Yonhap]

Southeast Asia/Pacific
Philippines to bolster watch in disputed Spratlys [AP]
Khmer Rouge jailer Duch appeals against conviction [BBC]

South/Central Asia
Cricket Diplomacy at World Cup May Smooth Tension Between India, Pakistan [Bloomberg]
Taliban claims to have kidnapped 50 Afghan police [TWT]
At Least 20 Deaths in Afghan suicide blast [Al Jazeera]
India wild tiger census shows population rise [BBC]

Middle East
Syria protests: Army on Latakia streets after 12 killed [BBC]
Yemen transfer talks stalled but deal within reach [Reuters]
Bahrain denies Kuwait to mediate in political crisis [Reuters]
Israel deploys new anti-missile system [WaPo]

Sunday shows: Clinton, Gates see success in Libya [TWT]
Libya raids hit Gaddafi hometown [BBC]
Libyan Rebel Gains Could Be Fleeting, U.S. Military Says [NYT]
Turkey offers to broker Libya ceasefire as rebels advance on Sirte [Guardian]
Egypt confirms legislative election in September [Reuters]
Egypt to lift emergency laws before September vote [AP]
Rumsfeld worries Brotherhood will hijack Egyptian revolution [TWT]
Ouattara Rejects New Ivory Coast Mediator [VOA]

UK austerity protest violence: 149 people charged [Guardian]
Merkel’s coalition digests painful election defeat [AP]
Italy PM Berlusconi in court for fraud trial [Reuters]

Israel asking Argentina if it stopped inquiry into Jewish centre bombings to appease Iran [CA]
Alan Gross likely focus of Carter Cuba trip [Reuters]
Honduras drops arrest warrants for ousted Manuel Zelaya [BBC]
Obama freezes out Chavez, while Iran comes courting [TWT]
Napolitano’s comments on border ‘wrong’ [TWT]

Opinion: Obama failing as commander in chief [POLITICO]
Obama to Lay out His Case on Libya to Nation [ABC]
Obama rewarding local stations in battleground states with biggest ‘get’ in TV news [WaPo]
Opinion: Nuclear Crisis: It Could Happen Here [NYT]
The Republicans’ Hispanic problem [WaPo]
Fiscal Showdown Looms in Capitol [WSJ]
Wal-Mart Asks Supreme Court Not to Apply Class Action Lawsuit [WaPo]